Everyone’s still a person

Class, class, class, class. Remember that when you pillory large segments of the population on social media, everyone can see it and it can be used against liberals to create a wedge between races and sexes during elections.

Creating a society with equality of economic opportunity is not an identity politics issues. If we attempt to sacrifice working class whites on the alter of identity, we shouldn’t be surprised when they fight back.

A white factory worker in the Midwest who lost their job overseas is probably going to respond negatively to being told, in fairly esoteric and abstract language, that he is a racist and a bigot and privileged for being white. Is this person privileged for being white? In some ways yes and some ways no. But if liberals want to continue to pride themselves on their empathy and understanding of suffering, they really need to “get” why white people are feeling upset about all these things right now. Some are more justifiable than others, and some are definitely rooted in racism and sexism. However, shaming them and screaming at them and making them hate you is not going to help your cause. They are still voters and their voices will be heard, as they were this election.

The world isn’t fair or easy, of which this election has been a stark reminder. Whatever race or sex or group you find yourselves lumped into might be relatively more or less oppressed than a lot of Trump supporters, and some other Clinton supporters may be way more or way less oppressed than that group. It’s not a competition and trying to make it so will only bring heartache and failure. Building equality for all starts with making our economy more equitable for all. Claiming the moral high ground based on individual affiliation muddies the waters and drives away highly necessary. if not entirely comfortable. allies. There are so many issues dealing with racism and sexism this country must address. Creating equality of economic opportunity is a way to help all communities while removing motivations for resistance from a significant voting bloc (working class whites) forces opposing racial and gender equality consistently manipulate into voting against their own interests. Order of operations.

Moral Purity and Pragmatism sit at opposite ends of a spectrum. If we’re entirely morally pure, it’s doubtful we’re getting much accomplished. If we’re entirely pragmatic, we might get lots of stuff accomplished, but we’ve traded in on our ideals in the accomplishing, meaning those accomplishments might not mean very much. Navigating between these two points is where we find effective campaign strategy. We’ve lost our way for so many reasons, not least of which is the echo chamber of corporate media and social media. But if we want to change things, we’ve got to recognize this and carve out a real and discernible strategy that includes understanding and empathizing with those who disagree with us.

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