Your Two Empathy Blenders

Human Memory Art Logs: Mystic Plasma Ferrets of Rolfignam

Four large glowing ferrets play a game in the plasma stream near their village.

The serving ferret uses mystical powers to gather and launch a large plasma Wave.

The receiving ferrets surf the launched Wave.

“Nice servin’, Fiskitoula!” Says the pink ferret with a Universal Tattoo.

“Nice ride’!” Replies the cyan server, also the bearer of a Universal Tattoo.

The game is interrupted when they collectively detect incoming human memory art. 

Their ears hear… Knee 5 By The Philip Glass Ensemble

Their minds see…

Two humans in bespoke suits fist bumping in an office.

“What’d you think of the interview?” One asks the other.

“Zossy all over.” The other answers.

They chuckle at the memory of their peculiar primary school teacher, “Yeah, HR’s zany.”

“When do I start?”

“Whenevs! Director got Unc’s note.”

“Thanks, Uncie Rufie. Going to Iceland soon. I’ll start after.”

Their besuited companion looks hurt, “Why wasn’t I invited?”

“Cessily.” Is the definitive response.

Without hesitation, they move on, “Enjoy! Oxford Forever!”

The conversationalists press their index fingers and thumbs together to create an O.

They hold the O over their heads, thud their chests together, and shout, “Oxford Forever!”

“Harvard Uber Alles!” Issues from across the crowded room. 

The Oxford Gangsters slip custom shivs from meticulously designed holsters.

They charge the Harvard Thugs.

Other, less connected, diploma gangsters squeal, and flee the room.  

After slashing the throat of their enemies and draining the blood into sealed containers, the valuable organs are excavated for sale on The Market.

The Oxfordites place the majority of the profitable Human Remains Resources into coolers, then consume the rest.

Battered, but victorious, the pair methodically arranges the residual human scraps into a ceremonial O.

Carrying their newly acquired merchandise, the meritorious duo skips down the fluorescent hallways of their office.

The ferrets disengage their minds from the memory waves and splash around the plasma stream.

The pink ferret squeaks, “Ships willy, mekits.”

“Goggle huuuuu-mates ed-U-K-sean?” The velveteen red ferret sings back. 

In their best human impression, the pewter ferret with lilac eyes announces, “Indoctrination replication masturbation!”

In their best human impression, the pink ferret reports, “Insultation consumernation compensation!”

In their best human impression, the cyan server warns,“Insulation expectation registration. Feel a BigWave comin’!”

The Aesthetic Acquisition Drone gathering data from orbit notes the game continues peacefully.

  • Human Memory Art, 2054 C.E.
  • Aesthetic Data Gathering Patrol, 12,420,040 C.E.

Se’ms Chapter Two.One

It is 12, 420,076 C.E., and we monitor an Aesthetic Acquisition Drone as it monitors us.

It Logs:

Ten targets sharing BGE Information.

Our ripeness.

Ten of us, nine Glimpin children and an Experienced, sit in a circle on a woven burgundy rug. 

The rug rests on soft, lilac-hued grass under a towering turquoise tree. 

Above us, the immense trunk divaricates into a dozen limbs. 

Each limb hosts three dozen smaller branches. 

These offshoots terminate as round leaves in shades of aqua, magenta, papaya, and ginger. 

Thousands of salmon-colored flowers with diamond-shaped bulbs bloom along the bark. 

Flitting between flowers are hundreds of tiny tigtogs, furry golden animals with two petite arms ending in paws with thumbs, and two larger back legs ending in paws without thumbs. 

Their faces are feline, but with long snouts through which a thin silver tongue flicks into nearby flowers.

Though they lack wings, they float from flower to flower, coating their golden fur with maroon pollen.

After supping from a flower three times, the tigtogs nuzzle the bulb, emit a hiccuping chirrup, and delicately wrap themselves around the stem. 

The tree under which our group is seated, limbs bustling with these small creatures hugging flowers, stands alone in a field.

A short distance to our north is a dense turquoise forest. 

The branches and underbrush of the wilderness radiate perpetual chirps, cheeps, and mwaroos. 

A frenzied round of three sharp barks periodically pierces the din. 

On our rug under the isolated tree, our group is at ease with our surroundings as we collectively observe our planet’s three closest stars. 

Miko, the giant red, Sivo, the medium yellow, and Rijo, the tiny blue, rise and set on their respective portions of the horizon. 

It’s Midsummer’s eve, and Rijo rises as Miko and Sivo Share a rare simultaneous setting. 

A faint blue filter is cast over the planet Glimp.

Our planet. 

The home on which our species has elected to remain.

The home on which our species has elected to end.

“Let’s Share Se’ms1 Feelings.” Our Experienced suggests.

One of us, a young Glimpin less than a third into a lifecycle, hesitates before speaking.

“It’s not a full Feeling…more an idea shaped as a question.”

“Those can be the most interesting!” Encourages our Experienced.

“Se think…Se am sorry. Se does not have full Understanding.” 

We smile in response.

All ten of us are silent, listening under the animal noises for the low rustling of wind waggling the leaves of the nearby canopy; Feeling the chill of its caress lap the margins of our perception.

“Anyone for Fire?” One of us asks.

“Se!” A few respond. 

“Could Se guide Se?” Some of us ask.

“Of course! Says our Experienced.

“Why is Fire so Tricky? Air is easy!” One of us bemoans.

The Experienced responds, “It’s evoked from pain.”

“Like when Se stubs Se’ms fin?”

“Yes, any pain will do, though…”

“What about this?”

One of us evokes Air, briefly creating a small tornado in the middle of the group. 

The twirling Air lifts dirt and dust into our faces, causing our eyes mild pain.

Our Experienced clears their vision then speaks, “Yes, that’s physical pain. Thank Se for the demonstration. Se avoids causing physical pain to Se whenever possible. For Fire, however, Se finds emotional pain works best.”

“Emotional pain?”

“The loss of a loved one, separation, rejection, sickness that changes Se’ms life, a Violence…”

One of us interjects, “A Violence? Se doesn’t do Violence! Only crying ones and laughing ones do Violence!”

We begin to argue.

“Nuh uh! Se’ms host parent said that’s a myth! Se do Violence in lots of ways!”

“Se don’t do Violence!”

“Se just hurt Se with Air!”

“That wasn’t Violence!”

“Anything that hurts is Violence!”

“Se’ms host parents said killing plants to eat is Violence!”

“That’s dumb! Se would die without eating!”

“That doesn’t mean it’s not Violence!”

“Se’ms face is Violence!”

Our Experienced raises their voice above the din, “That’s a good example of inflicting emotional pain. Insulting how someone looks…pain leaves remnants within both afflicter and afflicted. And Se must reach for those remnants.”

“But pain is…painful!”

“That’s right, so if Se don’t Understand Se’ms pain, Se can create a rux2.”

“How do Se Understand pain?”

“Se know l’e”u”3, right?” Our Experienced lifts their scaled fingers to eye level as they speak, holding up no fingers when they say “l”, one finger from each hand when they say “‘e’”, and two fingers from each hand they bend into a bow when they say ““u””.

We all sigh and monotonously intone, “Yes, Se know l’e”u”.

“And what’s the point of l’e”u”?”

We all answer in unison, reciting from memory, “To nourish the roots of Se’ms civilization and prune demons from the boughs of Se’ms society.”

“Very good, Se did the reading. But what does l’e”u” mean in Se’ms own words?”

We are silent.

“Se will break it down then. What is Love?”

Many of us shout an answer.

“Caring for Se!”

“Caring about Se!”

“Using Se’ms time and energy to help Se Feel happy!”

“Working to Share a world that’s better for Se!”

Our Experienced smiles, and says, “Good! All correct! Now what’s Empathy?”

“Thinking about the Feelings of others!”

“Imagining Se’ms self in someone else’s fins!”

“Not judging while listening!”

“Excellent!” Our Experienced says as they clap their webbed hands together, “So, Understanding?”

Our group is silent. 

“Understanding is the most complicated,” Our Experienced consoles, “Why?”

“Because reality is weird!” One of us answers.

Our Experienced laughs, “Se are right. Reality is the weirdest thing there is. Reaching a place of Understanding within our crazy reality requires both Love and Empathy, but also context, flexibility of hypothesis, and a commitment to the scientific process of…”

The lapis-colored third eyes in the middle of our foreheads are noticeably glazing over.

Our Experienced notices, and stops themselves, “For now, Se should remember that Love and Empathy are tools to Share Se’ms world, and Understanding is an aspiration, not a destination.”

One of us mimics our Experienced, “And together, these three principles create Se’ms l’e”u”, Glimp’s guiding light!”

We all giggle and sing together, “Se’ms guiding light!”

Our Experienced’s lapis-colored eye rolls slightly as they say, “Back to Fire. Because it’s evoked from Se’ms pain, Se must Feel from a place of balance using l’e”u”…

“How does Se Feel balanced?”

Our Experienced  pauses, considering, “Balance is…the idea of Se, that each individual is simultaneously everything and unique. Accepting the results of the choices Se makes, and seeking Understanding for how Se choose to interact with Se’ms path is how Se strive towards Balance.”  

Our group considers this as our Experienced continues.

“As Se all know, Se will cause a rux if Se is not Balanced.      

“What do Se do then?”

“If Se start getting ruxxy, stop the evocation, consider Se’ms self, Share with others, and search for Understanding.”

“What if Se doesn’t have pain?”

“Whoever Se is, Se has pain. It can come from a search for meaning, acute moments of trauma, or something else. Se are different when it comes to pain.” 

“How can Se be different?”

“Se is part of Se, and the different parts of Se contain different experiences. This is why Sharing is so important for Se’ms collective Understanding. This is why Those Who Share All…”

One of us interrupts, “Se are getting off-topic! When Se finds Se’ms pain, Se can evoke Fire?”

The Experienced nods and asks, “Finding Se’ms pain is the first step, does anyone know the next step?”

“Se transmute Se’ms pain using l’e”u”!” One of us shouts.

“Excellent! The more refined and extensive Se’ms l’e”u”, the more focused Se’ms evocation.”

“But what if Se does all that and still can’t make a spark! What if it just feels worse and worse until this one,” one us motions to their torso, “Feels on Fire.”

Fire is so tricky because the final step is using l’e”u” for the Fire itself. Unlike Water, Soil, Air, or other basic Feelings, Fire fights back.”

Fire is too hard!” One of us complains.

Our Experienced Shares, “Fire is Se’ms transition into intermediate Feelings. Without honing Se’ms l’e”u”, Se cannot evoke higher Feelings without ruxxing all over the place.”

“So Se have to expand Se’ms l’e”u” as Se’ms pain intensifies?”

“Se will find the pain doesn’t intensify as much as it becomes more complex. It’ll try to find gaps or weaknesses within Se’ms l’e”u”. If it does, Se will start going ruxxy..”

“Se think Se Understand.”

“Se too.”

“Good!” Our Experienced claps, “Se will demonstrate, then Se can spread out and practice.”

The Aesthetic Acquisition Drone logs our activities.


1. Se /sā/ (pronoun/proper noun) Interchangeable Meaning. The Self, Others, a Specific Group, or All Existence. Implies the speaker Understands their role as Everything.
Historical Note: Adopted two cycles ago by tECO (the Empathic Civilization Organization) for exclusive use in official business. (Possessive form: “Se’ms”) 

Se wants fed
Se’ms mind wants led
Se grate cheese
Se’ms body bakes bread
Se am together
Se’ms soul is apart
Se knows nothing
Se’ms mouth ate a fart
Se, It Ain’t…So? by Se

2. Out of Balance Feeling.

3. Love, Empathy, and Understanding.

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