Song for US Et al.

I love war, and war love me.

I do enjoy its comp’knee.

Past and future, present show?

Watch it eat now.

Whatch it?


Killin’ babies on the line.

Dead are sacred.



What a meal?

What a show?

Nothin sacred.

Oh, we know.

Make a livin’.

Wonder why?

Livin’s easy, buy buy buy.

Nothin’ sellin’.

Why, how come?

Nothin’ left here.

Just some scum.

Scum’s judgmental.

Can it be?

Scum is crucial.

Wait and see.

Make your million.

I’ll make mine.

Million mistakes.

But we’re fine.

We are calm.

And we are good.

We have done here.

As we should…

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